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Cambria FAQs

What is Cambria?

Cambria is a pure natural quartz surfacing product and one of the hardest and most common minerals on earth.  It can offer a variety of uses for you in your home or a business space.  Cambria can be used for showers, wet bars, floor tile, vanity tops, countertops, fireplace surrounds, etc. Cambria is maintenance-free, and the designs have a natural look and feel of granite and other quarried stones. But it’s strength and durability top everything.


How does Cambria compare to granite & other quartz surfaces?

Cambria is made of natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, with superior performance and durability.  Cambria looks and feels like granite, but you’ll get a greater strength, plus you get the benefit of it being maintenance free and nonporous.  To clean, just wash with warm water and a mild soap, when needed. It’s stain resistant and never needs to be seal or reconditioned.

Granite is only made of about 40% to 60% quartz.  It’s also a porous stone and will need to be sealed regularly.  Granite can absorb food and liquids, potentially staining your countertops and risking bacterial growth.


What are the unique benefits of Cambria?

There are 6 features that stand out to us.

STRENGTH – Being stronger than granite and having diamond-like hardness, Cambria has superior strength and durability.

DESIGN – With over 120 designs available, Cambria’s designs are distinct and boast a very natural beauty and offer a variation of quarry cut stone.

CARE & MAINTENANCE-FREE - No sealing or polishing required. Simply wash it with warm water, use mild soap if desired.

FOOD SAFE – It is nonporous and is NSF 51 certified for food and splash zone use, making it the safest surface for our consumers.

STAIN RESISTANT – Cambria is a product that will resist stains from common products from around your home, like tea, coffee and wine.



Does Cambria require care and maintenance and is it resistant to surface damage?

With Cambria, you don’t need to seal it, polish it or recondition it.  Keeping up with your Cambria is care-free.  If desired, you can simply wipe it down with warm water and a mild soap.  Unlike granite, it does not require the regular sealing and will resist stains.

Being more resistant and durable than other stones, it can be damaged by force as no stone is actually chip-proof.  Be careful with objects hitting the edges or near sink or dishwasher.


Does Cambria withstand heat? Can I put a hot pan or pot on it?

It’s recommended to use trivet or hot pad when transferring direct heat to your Cambria surface.  With sudden changes of temperature, natural stone surfaces can be damaged.  When using small kitchen appliances or transferring heat from pots and pans, Cambria may not withstand that heat.  We suggest using a hot pad or trivet to protect your surface.


Is Cambria safe for food preparation?

Yes! Cambria is an NSF* 51 certified for food and splash zones in commercial kitchens as well as nonporous.  This is the safest countertop for food preparation.

* NSF International is The Public Health and Safety Company™


Is Cambria a green product?

Being certified by GREENGUARD, Cambria is a low-emitting product.  It is suitable school environments and indoor air quality, proven with tests that have independently established that Cambria surfaces emit no harmful emissions.

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