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Tile Flooring Installation

Ceramic Tile Flooring Installation - What To Expect Beforehand

While most types of flooring technically can be DIY projects, ceramic tile is a challenge even for the advanced DIYer. This is due in large part to the subfloor preparation required to ensure that a new floor can be laid smoothly.

We recommend hiring a professional team to handle your installation job. At A&M Floorin & Design Center, we've staffed a well-trained group of skilled and experienced installers to assist with your renovation projects in Fresno and the surrounding area. You can rely on us to provide a beautifully finished floor, to respect your property, and to care for your home.

Before installation day, we'll scheduled a pre-installation walk-through with your tile installer to ensure that everyone is prepared. We'll address removal and disposal of your old flooring, trim, sub-floor preparation, and clearance for existing doors.

What to Expect During Your Ceramic Tile Installation

Plan to be home on installation day - if you can't, another member of your household (at least 18 years of age) should be present to greet the crew.

Expect noise and dust, and have a plan in place to keep any children or pets in your home away from the areas in which work is being done.

You will need to clear the affected rooms of furniture, wall hangings and other objects, based on conversations with your installer during the pre-installation walkthrough. You should also plan to ventilate the area post-installation.

What to Expect After Your Ceramic Tile Installation

Your new tile will now need time to solidify - do NOT walk on them for at least 48 hours, or whatever length of time your installer recommends. Ceramic tile shower stalls and counters should also remain moisture-free for at least a few days to allow adequate time for any grout to dry completely.

Ventilate the area by opening windows and/or running fans to circulate airflow, as you may notice a slight odor from the adhesive.

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