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Hardwood FAQs


Can i install hardwood floors anywhere?

This depends on the type of flooring you choose. As a rule, solid wood flooring should be installed in rooms at or above ground level, and is not recommended in any room where there is the possibility of water damage, such as the bathroom.  Engineered wood flooring is much more versatile and can be installed almost anywhere in the home, including the basement.

How do I choose a species?

This is largely up to you. “Species” of hardwood refers to the species of tree from which the flooring was constructed, such as cherry, hickory, maple, oak or ash. Different species have different looks, hues, shades, and degrees of hardness. At our Fresno showroom, we have many options of species to choose from, and can help you choose one that meets your sense of style and budget.

What is the difference between pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors?

With pre-finished wood flooring, boards are sanded, stained and finished by the manufacturer. This cuts down on installation time and floors are ready for use right after they’re installed. Unfinished wood floors must be sanded and finished after installation. While the process takes longer, these floors allow for more customization or matching of colors to existing floors.

Is there a difference between planks and strips?

Any wood flooring narrower than 3 inch qualifies as strip flooring. The most common strip flooring size is 21/4 in., but 15/8-inch-wide strips are also available. Plank flooring is any material wider than 3 in. A lot of hardwood flooring can come in 5" 7" and even beyond 12" wide planks.  The wider the plank, typically the more price per sq/ft it is.

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