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Installing Carpet

While home improvement projects are ideal do-it-yourself tasks, carpet installation is a specialized skill.

Before Carpet Installation: What To Expect

There are a lot of factors that play into installing new carpet in your home. Before you enter the carpet buying process, know what that process entails!

At A&M Flooring & Design, our installation professionals have built up many years of experience installing carpet locally here in Fresno and the surrounding area. We're more than happy to help with your specific carpet installation questions and needs. Before you get into the details of your installation, our staff with work with you directly to make sure that we've taken accurate measurements of the space you're renovating.

Then, once your installation is scheduled, make sure to have the following complete ahead of time:

  • clear the room of furniture and other large items, and remove any wall hangings (these could potentially fall and get damaged)
  • if you're installing your new carpet over existing flooring, you'll need to have the old flooring removed and disposed of ahead of time so that only the subfloor remains
    • this is a detail that you and your salesperson should discuss at the time of your purchase so that clear expectations are set for everyone involved
    • you may also need to remove baseboards and molding
  • determine whether your subfloor needs any repairs to make it stable, level and safe
  • discuss doors and whether or not they will need to be trimmed in order to make room for the height of your carpet pile

During Your Carpet Installation: The Day Of

Plan to be home the day of your scheduled carpet installation so that you can be around to communicate directly to your installation manager and his or her team. If you are unable to be there, make sure that a member of your household (18 years of age or older) is present. Use this time to ask any other questions you may have, and to direct the team to areas of your home they are allowed to use to work.

The first piece to be installed will be your carpet padding, followed by the carpet. To minimize the appearance of seams, your installation crew will use a seam diagram to determine where the seams should be placed.

After Your Carpet Installation: You're not done yet!

After your new carpet has been fully installed, there is still some work to do. First, you'll want to ventilate all renovated rooms very well, either by opening up windows or turning on fans to create air circulation. Your new carpet will naturally have an odor to it, which the ventilation will help to eliminate. Usually this will last no more than 48 to 72 hours.

Your carpet may also "shed" to some degree, which is also normal. Simply vacuum a few times over the first few days to pick up loose fibers. You can also use scissors to trim and loose fibers that have not shed out of your carpet but which still stick up above the rest.

If you have any additional questions about the care & maintenance of your carpet, be sure to check out our carpet cleaning guide or contact us directly at our showroom in Fresno.
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